2020 Registration for JC 1 or JC 2 H2 Chemistry Class

Please select 'Register for a class' (monthly payment), 'Register for a class' (24 lessons payment) or 'Book a trial lesson' clearly.

Register for a class (monthly payment) means the fees will be based on the remaining lessons in current and/or next month.

Register for a class (24 lessons payment) means an upfront fees for 24 lessons will be collected.

*Book a trial lesson means the fees is $130 for a lesson with satisfaction guarantee. If your child is not happy with the lesson, we will refund you the fees and your child can keep the learning materials.

*Only applicable to new students who haven't been taught by Mr Sean Chua.


Fees Payment

• Full payment must be made prior to the commencement of first lesson.
• Fees payment is based on the number of lessons in the month or 24 lessons.
• Subsequent fees payment is collected on the last week of current month or on the 20th lesson for 24 lessons payment.
• Unless otherwise notified, there is no lesson on selected gazette public holidays (Chinese New Year, Good Friday, Vesak Day). Lessons on Good Friday and Vesak Day are chargeable. Students who have lesson on Good Friday and Vesak Day are to attend the other same level class in the same week, subjected to seats availability.

Absenteeism Policy

• There is no refund of the fees payment when a student is unable to attend the scheduled lessons.
• Student may choose to attend another class within the same week when we are informed at least 3 days in advance. This arrangement is subjected to seats availability.
• Unless otherwise notified in advance, Winners Education Centre runs an ongoing curriculum during March, June and September holidays. Students are required to attend the lessons as per normal during school holidays and these lessons are chargeable. Above-mentioned absenteeism policy applies.

Lesson Policy

• Winners Education Centre reserves the right to withdraw any student from our program when he fails to adopt the right learning attitude after a period of observation.
• Students who have missed out majority of the lessons due to late commencement are strongly encouraged to supplement their weekly coaching with our Intensive Revision Program held in June, November-December period.
• Due to the unique structure of our program materials, Winners Education Centre reserves the right to reject any request for backdated or postdated materials.


• All materials, knowledge and information from our centre are protected by the Copyrights Amendment Act. Any Person / Party found to reproduce, copy, disseminate, use or caused to be used, of any of our materials, knowledge and information shall be liable for compensation to Winners Education Centre should any of such infringement occur. Winners Education Centre reserves the right to take all necessary legal actions against the Person / Party.
• While Winners Education Centre will exercise due professional care and diligence, we will not be held liable for any accidents sustained in the venue premises, nor be held responsible for the child’s welfare before commencement or after the end of lessons.
• Winners Education Centre reserves the right to use the student’s image, written work, academic results and voice in newspaper, brochures, videos or other promotional materials.

Terms are subjected to change without prior notifications.

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